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‘4Minutes’ and other new Thai BL series to watch in 2024

Over the past few years, Thai BL series have caught the attention of the fans of the romance genre with many popular titles like Until We Meet Again and KinnPorsche. And going by the line-up of the Thai BL series set to release in 2024, we are sure fans will not be disappointed. With six of the most popular pairings blessing fans with new storylines but the same old palpable chemistry, we’ve rounded up eight Thai BL series that must be on every BL-lovers’ watchlist.

The popularity of the Thai BL industry, and as a direct result of it, actor pairings, is no small feat. Recently, GMMTV, one of the major production companies, announced lightsticks for several of the lead couples. These include the famous pairings of Off-Gun, Earth-Mix, Fourth-Gemini, and Tay-New, among others. The lightstick reveal created much buzz among fans, as people had only heard of them through the Hallyu wave, as all K-pop idols and groups have a designated lightstick to represent their fandom.

The introduction of lightsticks for Thai BL actors proves just how much the industry has grown in recent years. One of their major attractive factors is that many of these dramas are available to watch on YouTube for free. This tactic helps them increase their reach across international waters and bring in a sea of new viewers. While streaming services like Netflix have begun including Thai BL series in their roster, it is channels like GMMTV, Mandee Channel, Studio Wabi Sabi and Be On Cloud that have cemented their position as top BL series creators.

Here’s a list of Thai BL series you can watch on YouTube for free

Most-anticipated Thai BL series to watch in 2024


Cast: Bible Wichapas, Jes Jespipat

Synopsis: Great, the son of a wealthy business owner, studies at the Business Administrative Faculty at a reputed university. After some unknown circumstances, he gets the power to see into the future for four minutes. He meets resident surgeon, Tyme, and their friendship soon begins to grow. But is it for the better or worse? Only time will tell.


Directed by: Noom Attaporn Teemarkorn (Midnight Museum)
Cast: Ohm Pawat, Leng Thanaphon

Synopsis: Min (Ohm) starts kidnapping people for money to get his brother’s medical treatment done. When someone demands Min kill Kyu (Leng), a rich young man, he hesitates and ends up hiding him in his house. Min and Kyu’s secrets bring them together as they try to fight against people who threaten their and Min’s brother’s lives.

Love Sea

Directed by: Ne Neti Suwanjinda
Cast: Peat Wasuthorn, Fort Thitipong

Synopsis: Tongrak (Peat) ends up in bed with Mahasamut (Fort) after he travels in search of inspiration for his next romance novel. As a popular writer, Tongrak finds Mahasamut irritating. But it gradually fades into affection.

About the show: Director Ne Neti Suwanjinda brings back Peat and Fort, the actor couple who wowed the audience with their chemistry in one of the most popular Thai BL series of 2022 — Love in the Air.

Love Upon a time

Directed by: Aoftion Kittipat Jampa
Cast: Net Siraphop, James Supamongkon

Synopsis: Nakhun (James) doesn’t believe in superstitions. Fate plays a messy game as he suddenly time travels 400 years in the past and is mistaken for Klao, a young man who went missing. His mannerisms seem quite different to his friend Phob (Net). As Nakhun tries to find out how to get back home, Phob starts falling in love with him.

About the show: This Thai BL series not only has a popular lead pairing but a famous director as well. While Net and James enjoyed great popularity thanks to the R-rated show Bed Friend last year, Aoftion Kittipat Jampa has directed celebrated BLs like Cutie Pie seasons 1 and 2.

My Love Mix-Up!

Directed by: Au Kornprom Niyomsil
Cast: Fourth Nattawat, Gemini Norawit

Synopsis: Atom (Fourth) tries to confess his crush to Matmee but when she gives him her eraser to use, he notices Kongthap’s (Gemini) name on it. In frustration, Atom drops the eraser and Kongthap picks it up. He then assumes that Atom has a crush on him, resulting in a chaotic high school love mix-up.

About the show: This Thai adaptation of a popular Japanese manga has brought together the lead cast of the massively famous 2022 Thai BL series, My School President, Fourth and Gemini, along with director Au Kornprom Niyomsil.

The Next Prince

Directed by: Aoftion Kittipat Jampa
Cast: NuNew Chawarin, Zee Pruk

Synopsis: Set in a fictional kingdom of Emmaly, Royal Guard Charan Phithakthewa (Zee) is tasked with bringing Prince Khanin (NuNew), the heir of the royal Atsawathewathin family back to his rightful place as competition for the next monarch comes closer. Khanin has no idea about his royal position as he’s been living as an ordinary person.

Revamp: The Undead Story

Directed by: New Siwaj Sawatmaneekul
Cast: Boun Noppanut, Prem Warut, Boss Chaikamon

Synopsis: Vintage shop owner Punn (Prem) suddenly gets interested in Jet (Boss) and Ramil (Boun). He encounters creepy things and is both intrigued but scared of a group of people, who have an eerie aura of being vampires.

About the show: This is one of the most anticipated Thai BL series set for a release this year because of the famous pairing of Boun and Prem, who gained popularity with Until We Meet Again (2019) and Between Us (2022).

The Trainee

Directed by: Pat Thachai Komolphet, Prang Sasinan Pattanal
Cast: Off Jumpol, Gun Atthaphan

Synopsis: Ryan (Gun) gets an internship as a director’s assistant. Since he’s a fresher, he somehow always lands in trouble. However, one time when he messes things up, his direct boss Jane (Off) comes to rescue him. The duo start noticing each other a lot more and start gravitating towards each other.

About the show: Off and Gun is one of the top BL couples in the Thai industry due to their famous work in Theory in Love (2019), Not Me (2021) and Cooking Crush (2023).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Thai BL drama?

Cutie Pie, SOTUS, KinnPorsche, Tale of a Thousand Stars, Bad Buddy, and TharnType are some of the best Thai BLs that have generated a massive international interest in Thai dramas.

Who is the most powerful BL couple in Thailand?

Some of the popular BL couples in Thailand include Off-Gun from Cookie Crush (2023) and Not Me (2021), Tay-New from Kiss Me Again (2018) and Our Skyy, Bright-Win from 2gether: The Series (2020), and Bilkin-PP from I Told Sunset About You (2020). Because of the wide variety of Thai BL pairings, there isn’t just one powerful couple, but plenty that enjoy extreme popularity domestically and internationally.

Who is the most famous Thai BL actor?

Many famous Thai BL actors have gained recognition inside and outside of Thailand. Some of them are Bright Vachirawit, Win Metawin, Fourth Nattawat, Gemini Norawit, Tay Tawan, New Thitipoom, Off Jumpol and Gun Atthaphan.

Which BL is the most popular?

In recent years, Thai production companies such as GMMTV, Studio Wabi Sabi, Be On Cloud and Mandee have produced some of the most popular BL dramas. These include Tale of a Thousand Stars, Bad Buddy, My School President, Between Us, Cutie Pie and Bed Friend.

‘4Minutes’ and other new Thai BL series to watch in 2024

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