Vol. 013: Women with Talents

For our September 2023 digital cover, Lifestyle Asia Thailand presents four ladies with unique talents and CHANEL's PREMIÈRE ÉDITION ORIGINALE timepiece. Get ready to meet producer Eknaree 'Be' Wachirabunjong, Chef Chudaree 'Tam' Debhakam, Sailub Lertratanachai, the equestrian and Wonderfruit's lifestyle director Chalisa 'Nee' Viravan and see what they have to say when it comes to achieving their lifestyle.
LSA Digital Cover Vol. 013: Women With Talents

On the Cover: Chalisa 'Nee' Viravan

Meet Chalisa 'Nee' Viravan, Wonderfruit's lifestyle director, on our September 2023 digital cover. But first, if you're wondering what gorgeous timepiece that is, Nee is wearing the PREMIÈRE ÉDITION ORIGINALE by CHANEL. Before, this intelligent woman used to work for VOGUE Thailand as a fashion features editor. Obviously, being in the fashion industry at that position would be a dream for many. So, how why the change? Keep on reading to find out.
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Eknaree Wachirabunjong Story

"Growing up, I’ve always questioned who I am, why I was born, and even why I am here. These questions made me want to get to know myself even more. It made me who I am today."
Chalisa ‘Nee’ Viravan