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LSA Weekly Horoscope: 29 April – 5 May 2024

There’s good relationship news for Capricorns, while Libras may feel overworked on the job. All that and more in your weekly horoscope for 29 April – 5 May 2024 here.

Tarot readings offer us guidance to identify the obstacles in life and utilise the resources we must overcome these obstacles. You cannot change your destiny but improvise and modify it with positive actions and guidance from the cards. Capricorn natives will enjoy good relationships and career prospects, suggests our weekly horoscope. Read on to see what the weekly horoscope for Capricorn and other zodiac signs will be this week. Try to make the best of situations you are likely to face.

Weekly horoscope for Capricorn and other zodiac signs from Apr 29 – May 5, 2024

Aries weekly horoscope (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Career and Finance: The Eight of Pentacles card indicates success in your career. However, it will come at the cost of hard work. Your skills and dedication towards your job will win you accolades and get you good remunerations. Businesspeople will receive new projects. Their hard work will be generously rewarded. Your hard work will reap good monetary gains.

Health: Two of Swords is the health card indicating some discomfort – emotional as well as physical. This card suggests that balance is required, and the best way is to be positively occupied and focus on meditating and exercising.

Relationships: The Ace of Wands Reversed card indicates doubts and uncertainties in a relationship. This card shows a lack of libido and an unexciting sex life. You must work towards improving it. You will have an average bond with family members.

Taurus weekly horoscope (Apr 20 – May 20)

Career and Finance: The Star card indicates new opportunities for growth in your career. You will be at your creative best and will be noticed by your superiors, which in turn will open up new prospects for you. Businesses are all set to grow. Your hard work will get you financial comfort. It is a good time to invest and grow your assets.

Health: The Hanged Man is the health card, and it shows neglect towards health. You might have been neglecting small issues and symptoms and the advice is to address them before they snowball into health hazards. A thorough health check-up is advised.

Relationships: Sun Reversed is the relationship card that suggests you must rekindle your relationship. Spend quality time with your partner and work towards passion and intimacy. If desirous of having a baby, this card is a positive indicator. Sun even when reversed indicates peace and harmony in all relationships.

Gemini weekly horoscope (May 21 – Jun 20)

Career and Finance: Four of Pentacles Reversed card warns you not to take any impulsive decisions regarding your career. Weigh all the pros and cons properly. Business natives need to involve their co-workers in decisions and give them their due credit. Some losses are indicated. This is not a good time to invest.

Health: The Emperor is your health card indicating vitality and robust health, but it can also indicate you are pushing yourself too hard to achieve the targets you have set for yourself. The advice is not to push yourself hard.

Relationships: Nine of Pentacles indicate positivity in relationships. Your partner will be supportive and encouraging in all your endeavours. You will share good carnal pleasures. Family will be supportive and loving and you will share a good bond with all the members.

Cancer weekly horoscope (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Career and Finance: Page of Cups card indicates that you will be full of ideas and achieve your goals You need to set realistic expectations for yourself and work with enthusiasm. Business natives will have a lot of expansion plans, but you need to pull up your socks. Finances will be good but you will be dissatisfied and want more.

Health: Nine of Cups is the health card indicating wellness. However, to enjoy it you need to work towards maintaining your health regime consciously. This is a very good card to get if you are recuperating. Your recovery is certain.

Relationships: King of Pentacles Reversed is the relationship card indicating that your partner will be reckless and unsupportive this week. If this is not a usual trait exhibited by your partners, just ignore it. But do not let it become a habit. Your carnal pleasures might be compromised this week. Some elders in the family might be dominating or possessive with money.

Leo weekly horoscope (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Career and Finance: Strength is the career and finance card for Leo sun sign natives indicating potential for professional growth. You have the talent and skill, but you are over-emotional and sensitive, and this hinders your growth. Business natives need to make some harsh decisions for growth and expansion. Financially, this week will be good, but your expenses will be quite high. Businesspeople will make good profits and the salaried will enjoy good remunerations.

Health: Six of Wands is the health card indicating good health. If you are recuperating, this card is a good omen for recovery. You must work towards maintaining good health. Inculcate good eating habits and include lots of exercises in your daily routine.

Relationships: Queen of Swords is the relationship card indicating a loving relationship with no preference for mushy endearments and gestures. You value space and cannot handle too much of emotions. Partners need to understand this and give respect and space in relationships. Do not nit-pick with the family.

Virgo weekly horoscope (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Career and Finance: Temperance is the card for Virgo sun sign natives this week. It suggests you need to balance between planning and action. Set realistic goals and with planning and the right balance try to achieve them. Business natives need to bite what they can comfortably chew. Do not compromise on the quality of work.  Your investments from the past will reap good returns.

Health: Ten of Pentacles Reversed is the health card for this week. This card often indicates some health-related hereditary problems which might surface soon. The tarot advice is to get a thorough check-up and not ignore or neglect any symptoms.

Relationships: King of Wands indicates security and stability in relationships. It can indicate dominance at times. You need to work towards harmony. Try to give space and respect to your partner. It is a good time to make happy memories together. Family relationships will be good. Try not to nitpick with the family members.

Libra weekly horoscope

Career and Finance: Ten of Cups Reversed is the card for career and finance for Libra sun sign natives for this week. It denotes arguments and disagreements at work. Some conflicts of ideas and differences of opinions are indicated. The Tarot advice is to express your opinions and leave the decision to the decision maker. Business natives will need to be extra cautious. Take care of your finances. Some extra expenses and losses are indicated.

Health: Seven of Cups indicates overwork and pressure. At times, the workload cannot be reduced. Extra stress might give you sleepless nights. You need to relax yourself and focus on self-care. A good exercising regime and proper diet can make things better.

Relationships: The Hierophant is the relationship card indicating security and peace in relationships. Your bonds are all set to grow. If you respect your elders and care for the youngsters in the family, the familial bonds will become stronger and harmonious.

Scorpio weekly horoscope

Career and Finance: Moon Reversed card indicates a lack of creativity and satisfaction. Do not rely too much on your colleagues. ‘Do it yourself’ should be your policy. Relax and think carefully before making any major career decisions. Business natives need to pay heed to their work even if you delegate the work. Finances will be average and not a cause for concern.

Health: Four of Swords indicate anxiety-related illnesses. You need to take it easy. Take a break and work on your mental health. At times, this card indicates surgery and hospitalisation.

Relationships: Three of Pentacles indicate commitment. This is a good time to strengthen your bonds of love. If your relationship was uneven in the past, it is likely to be sorted out. Familial bonds will be good. Some advice from a well-meaning person will increase affability in relationships.

Sagittarius weekly horoscope

Career and Finance: Six of Cups card indicates that one should not forget the lessons learned in the past. Use the experiences of the past as a stepping stone for the future. For natives in the job, you might get an offer from your previous firm and business people might rehire their previous talent or work with a previous organisation. Investments from the past will yield good returns and you will continue to invest well.

Health: Eight of Cups is not an indicator of good health. You must shift your attention to self-care. Focus on improving your health. Positive thinking, meditation, Yoga and healthy eating habits are the best medicines.

Relationships: Three of Wands Reversed card indicates overwork and exhaustion. It is time for a break if you have been driving yourself very hard. Find time to socialise. Invest in romance and good familial bonds.

Capricorn weekly horoscope

Career and Finance: Knight of Swords is the career and finance card for Capricorn sun sign natives indicating a change in job or business. You need to be ready to seize the opportunities with both hands. The advice is to move ahead with deliberation and proper know-how. Financially, a good month is indicated. You are in for increments and gains, suggests the weekly Capricorn horoscope.

Health: Seven of Swords indicate some health-related problems. Address them without delay. Take a second opinion if you feel things are not moving in the right direction. According to the weekly Capricorn horoscope, you must focus on health and self-care.

Relationships: Ace of Cups is the relationship card and this indicates good relationships. You will have a deep understanding with your partner and establish emotional and physical well-being. According to the weekly Capricorn horoscope, your family will look up to you and will be extremely caring.

Aquarius weekly horoscope

Career and Finance: Four of Cups card indicates unfulfilled desires. If you set unrealistic targets, you will always be dissatisfied. Businesspeople will also want more. The corporate world is plagued by avarice and the advice is to enjoy what you have and be grateful.

Health: Four of Pentacles indicate robust health. You will enjoy good physical and mental well-being. Try to stay relaxed and energetic, and keep working towards maintaining it.

Relationships: Two of Cups indicate a good balance in your relationship. You will enjoy good carnal pleasures and it indicates harmony at the domestic front. You will enjoy good friendships and a good connection with your family members.

Pisces weekly horoscope

Career and Finance: The WorldReversed card indicates dissatisfaction at work despite professional achievements and success. You might feel your potential is not being utilised to the fullest and you have not met your career objectives. Think carefully before changing your job or business prospects. Finances will not be a cause of concern at all.

Health: Eight of Wands card suggests that you are struggling with small health issues, but with your high energy levels and fighting spirit, you will get over it quickly. Pay heed to the small issues and do not let them escalate.

Relationships: Nine of Wands is the relationship card for this week indicating your effort towards amicable relationships. You might have had issues in the past and your endeavour now is to move ahead with improved ties. You value the relationships and are willing to put in your best. Your family will be supportive and appreciative of your efforts.

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LSA Weekly Horoscope: 29 April – 5 May 2024

Deepa is a practising tarot card reader and an astrologer. A science graduate, and Jyotish post Visharad from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS), she taught tarot and astrology at her alma mater for six years, and now teaches students online in India and globally. She enjoys playing golf and travelling.

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