LSA Digital Cover Vol. 015: This is Us

LSA Digital Cover Vol. 015: This is Us
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Vol. 015: This is US

Discover the excitement of Lifestyle Asia Thailand's November issue as we have the world-famous high-jewellery brand Cartier here, along with the renowned T-Pop group TRINITY. And what better way to present Cartier's Trinity collection than with a boy group with the exact same characteristics— love, friendship, and fidelity.
LSA Digital Cover Vol. 015: This is Us

On the Cover: TRINITY

Although TRINITY first debuted in 2019, the boy group has come a long way in the Thai music industry since COVID-19. And with the world back to normal, these young men have been busy. TRINITY has been going on world tours as well as releasing their newest song collaboration, "Drop Dead" with the famous Japanese band BALLISTIK BOYZ. The group has also dropped their 1st FULL ALBUM. That said, we’ve invited the three talented young men to do a little Q&A sesh, giving us a life update and the group's future plans.
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Trinity Story

“Over the past 4 years, we have grown in every aspect because when working in a career like this, you encounter many things. We grow in our minds, bodies, and experiences. We also learned many things, but we learned them together. Let's say this version of TRINITY has evolved together."