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The best new bars and cocktail menus in Bangkok right now

It’s Bangkok, so of course there’ll always be something new when it comes to drinking. Knowing where to drink is key, and we have just what you need. Here are the best bars in Bangkok this month.

[Hero and featured image credit: Groovin’ High Jazz Bar & Cafe]

The best new bars and cocktail menus in Bangkok this May 2024

Do you wanna dance with somebody? Do you wanna feel the *heat* with somebody? No? These places will make you feel welcomed nonetheless. A perfect night out in Bangkok is different for everyone, but if you like good vibes and great drinks, we have new bars for you to try.

Find the Locker Room’s new menu transports you through the eras with their completed time capsule

Pop culture moments of the past are blueprints of the present. Some moments are so iconic we still reference them today. Find the Locker Room’s “Time Capsule” menu takes us on a journey through those times with cocktails inspired by pop culture from the 1960s to 2010s — a journey that is best described as, for lack of a better word, so fetch.

Take a trip to the 90s-esque 8-bit “Mushroom Kingdom,” an earthy yet refreshing combination made from Kakubin whisky, Aperol, mushroom, ketchup, honey, and a little bit of absinthe. Grab your Burn Book and put on your pink courtroom power suit for the “Bougie Princess,” an ode to 2000s chick flicks using Bacardi Cuatro rum, toasted milk distillate, blueberry rice milk, vanilla syrup, and adorned with a fondant heart. And who could forget the frosted tips hairstyle of the 2010s, turned into drink form as “Just the Tips,” made using Roku gin, blueberry cordial, cold brew, and topped with cranberry and jasmine tonic.

More info: Find the Locker Room
Opening times: Open daily, 6pm onwards
Location: 406 Thong Lo, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok
Nearest station: Thonglor, BTS

Image credit: Groovin’ High Jazz Bar & Cafe/Instagram

Groovin’ High Jazz Bar transports us to an April in Paris

“L” is for the way you let your partner know you’ll be home late tonight, for the newly-opened Groovin’ High is making people of Silom fly to the moon. They have live jazz performing everyday, and the warm hospitality is never on break.

The drinks are cleverly named and inspired by famous jazz songs, including the “Hit The Road Jack,” a frothy cognac-based cocktail with cacao syrup and jackfruit cordial, as well as the “Watermelon Man,” made from white rum, watermelon cordial — perfect for lovers of fruity cocktails.

More info: Groovin’ High
Opening times: Open daily, 6pm-1.30am
Location: 118 Si Lom Rd, Khwaeng Suriya Wong, Khet Bang Rak, Bangkok
Nearest station: Sala Daeng, BTS

Image credit: Apron Bar Bangkok/Instagram

Apron Bar Bangkok has craft beers on tap where you can pour at your own pace

The old town area of Samsen now has one more destination to go to after dinner (or before, we’re not judging). Apron Bar Bangkok offers 18 craft beers on tap, both local and international, along with friendly staff to help you find your new favourite. Best part? Grab a mug and pour your own beer straight from the tap. Pay what you pour, no minimum nor maximum, and no judgments. Coupled with the old town vibes, it’s the perfect place to hang out with some good company after a long day of work.

More info: Apron Bar Bangkok
Opening times: 5-11.30pm
Location: 2/1, Samsen 4 Road Trok Wat Trithosthep, Baanpanthom Sub-district, Bangkok
Nearest station: Sam Yot, MRT

Image credit: Siamese Cocktail & Gallery/Instagram

Siamese Cocktail & Gallery turns Thai food into cocktails, spices and all

Thai art, Thai drinks, Thai dishes — these are the three tenets of Thonglor‘s Siamese Cocktail & Gallery. Formerly Pennant Thonglor, this newly-rebranded venue serves inventive drinks centred around the taste notes locals are familiar with, served with dishes we know and love, from khao soi to fried larb. DJs stand behind the booth on the regular to make sure the vibes are just right.

Turning food into liquid form, the “Tom-Khlong” is a mezcal-based savoury drink with bianco vermouth, umami tincture, and packed with a lot of Thai herbs. The “Nam-Nueng” is inspired by grilled sausages brought into Thailand by the Vietnamese, made from gin, coconut and pandan syrup, cucumber, Thai basil oil, and a splash of ginger ale.

More info: Siamese Cocktail & Gallery
Opening times: Open daily, 6pm-2am
Location: 58, 14-15 Thong Lo, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok
Nearest station: Thonglor, BTS

Image credit: Murmur/Instagram

Listen to the grooves and surround yourself with spirits at Murmur

Sometimes you don’t need much to unwind, just great vibes and a good drink in hand. Murmur is exactly that, with warmly-lit ambience and friendly hospitality. The cocktail menu is inspired by different parts of Bangkok — simple recipes perfect for a Friday night out, with naming convention as if picking out random words from the dictionary but in an adorable way.

For instance, the “Thonglor Durian Elegance” is basically a gin sour with durian syrup, cinnamon syrup, and lime instead of lemon. The “Chinatown Ginger Fusion” is pretty much a Negroni subbing gin with ginger-infused brandy. And who could forget the “RCA Midnight Bloom,” a dark rum-based cocktail with butterfly pea syrup, lime wedges, lemongrass, then topped with soda.

More info: Murmur
Opening times: Tue-Sun, 6pm-2am
Location: 59, 61 Samsen Rd, Wat Sam Phraya, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok
Nearest station: Sam Yot, MRT

The best new bars and cocktail menus in Bangkok this April 2024

It was the great Chinese philosopher Grand Master Oogway that said, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” Maybe it’s time to give yourself that present, a little treat for your accomplishments no matter how small they may be. After all, a lot of problems can go away with a good drink in hand and a bartender who cares — everyone deserves a treat once in a while. Here are the best bars in Bangkok that are perfect for that.

Image credit: Blessing Shophouse

Blessing Shophouse has us feeling lucky from the first sip

Wed-Sun, 6pm-midnight

Tucked inside a quiet soi in Asoke, Blessing Shophouse presents a beautiful aesthetic, with equally alluring cocktails to match. Entering the shophouse, you’ll find a blend of old-world Chinese design elements stylised into a more modern ambience. The wooden tables with chairs to match, the auspicious symbols of good luck and fortune adorning the walls, the sliding doors and the warm illumination — it’s the equivalent of that moment when Mulan looks into the mirror and sees her reflection.

The cocktail menu is all about looking through classic cocktails through a Thai-Chinese lens, all while keeping the theme of luck and prosperity. Start the night the right way with “Bitter is Good,” an excellent aperitif that combines the innate bitterness from the bitter melon with the nuanced notes of Chinese celery and orange peel-infused gin. If you prefer something more spirit-forward, the “Five Spice” is a rum-based drink with cinnamon, star anise, Sichuan pepper, cloves, fennel seed, pineapple, and clarified milk.

You can find more information at Blessing Shophouse.

Image credit: Vichayuth Chantan/Lifestyle Asia

NOVA Social Club presents a sky-high experience and cocktails to match

Open daily, 5.30pm-1am

Bangkok isn’t new to cocktail bars located on floors high above, but NOVA takes it to another level altogether. The bar takes the centre stage, with a gorgeous view of the skyline just behind, and bar seats directly facing it. But not only do they take the sky into your view, they also condensed it into one cohesive cocktail menu.

The Earth’s atmosphere is the inspiration behind the drinks at NOVA — five layers, then onto interplanetary space. As you go up the Earth’s atmosphere layer by layer, the temperature goes down. That fact translates into the cocktails that play around with temperature and layers, as the flavour and texture of each drink can change as you wait for the beverage to lose its coldness for a bit. Not only does it make for pretty drinks for social media, the showiness also makes sense as technical value.

Highlights include the “Big Bang,” a spirit-forward cocktail made with vanilla-infused gin and sake vermouth, served inside a glass coated with white wine gel inside which will melt into the drink as time passes, as well as the “Winter of Meteor,” a sour drink that fuses chamomile tea with their spicy tamarind cordial.

You can find more information at NOVA Social Club.

Image credit: The Backroom

The Backroom flips the script with classic twists and ingredients from all over the country

Tue-Sun, 6pm onwards

Some spirits are perfect for a cocktail, the rest sitting on the top shelf are better to sit and enjoy themselves — or at least that’s what we’re used to. The Backroom is doing it differently, using different ingredients found in different provinces to complement the unique tastes that those top-shelf liquors offer, and combining them into a cocktail some may even find sacrilegious. The complexity is still very much intact, and serves as a great introduction for those willing to try. Of course, other cocktails without the top-shelf price tags are also available, and are inventive and well-made.

With the red velvet curtains and live music in the air, The Backroom is a Prohibition-era speakeasy done right. Their own version of Gin & Juice is a must, using Botanist 22 gin, lemon juice, tangerine juice, and calamansi syrup from Chantaburi; as well as the “Japanese Impression,” an old-fashioned made from Hibiki Harmony with muscat and melon sous vide into syrup, then served alongside Japanese melon, muscat, and 6-18 month aged jamón serrano.

You can find more information at The Backroom.

Image credit: Vichayuth Chantan/Lifestyle Asia

Buph Phe Bar is serving up cocktails that are unapologetically Thai down to every ingredient

Wed-Mon, 6pm-1am

Thai-inspired cocktails aren’t new; you can even say they’re getting a bit much sometimes. But what if we dial it up to a hundred, so high it loops back to being interesting again? Buph Phe Bar has opened pn Yaowarat road, and their signature cocktail menu doesn’t feature anything that isn’t found in Thailand. Every spirit is Thai-made, each fruit from local sources or other provinces, and all pairings are Thai snacks made in-house. The country is huge, with each area containing its own characteristics to discover, and this bar’s unapologetic approach to Thai-inspired cocktails is as refreshing as it can be.

“Sun” is Isaan in a glass, and it’s made from liquor distilled from coconut flower; a bountiful commodity from Sakon Nakhon, sweetened with tamarind sauce and paired with crispy jelly. If you’d prefer a trip to the east, “Island” showcases quite an uncommon fruit. The guttiferae (local name mapam) is a tropical fruit grown in Chantaburi in the same family as the mangosteen. It’s then combined with two different species of cardamom, coconut milk, and pineapple juice, served alongside Thai coconut meringue.

You can find more information at Buph Phe Bar.

Image credit: Vichayuth Chantan/Lifestyle Asia

Invitation Only is like if Wes Anderson opened his own bar, complete with fun signature cocktails

Open daily, 5pm onwards

With the sheer number of new bars in Bangkok, we think it has taken too long for a hotel-themed one to appear. Walking into Invitation Only feels as if The Grand Budapest Hotel got a red hot coat of paint, and you’ve never been more tempted to order room service. Complete with live music and a bar menu filled with international favourites, you’ll get to absorb good vibes only as you enjoy the view of the Bangkok skyline from the 55th floor.

Drinks are definitely the stars of the establishment, and with 16 signature cocktails in total, there’s bound to be one you’re in the mood for that day. Highlights include the “Bananarama,” a bourbon-based drink with almond liqueur, creme de banana, clarified milk cheese, cinnamon, ginger, and garnished with a chocolated-covered banana, as well as the “Cigarettes After Ex,” a smoky yet refreshing cocktail with mezcal, green tea-infused gin, chamomile citrus, and honey yuzu.

You can find more information at Invitation Only.

Image credit: Vichayuth Chantan/Lifestyle Asia

The Label Club combines the joy of vinyl with a direct view of the skytrain passing by

Wed-Sun, 6pm-midnight

Cocktails don’t have to be so complicated every time you go out. Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a simple drink, coupled with great vibes and the music that hits just right. The Label Club is doing exactly that, with a drinks selection that does the job, DJs on the regular, and an array of vinyls old and new to pick and have on queue. Feeling like a bit of Whitney Houston? Sure, and you’ll wanna dance with somebody. Maybe some of Miki Matsubara? Of course, and she’ll tempt you to stay with them a while.

For drinks, the “Rihanna” is a twist on the usual sour with bourbon and almond liqueur, then topped with red wine. The “Big Bang” is a refreshing tall drink with a base of tequila infused with butterfly pea. They also have an extensive wine list perfect to share with company.

You can find more information at The Label Club.

Image credit: Akara Sky Hanuman

Akara Sky Hanuman is the new go-to spot for luxurious rooftop vibes

Open daily, 5pm-2am

Located atop One City Centre building in Ploenchit, Akara Sky Hanuman becomes the name in every partygoers mouth when looking for somewhere to enjoy good vibes, good drinks, and an impressive lineup of DJs on the regular. When there’s an abundance of rooftop bars in the city, setting yourself apart is key. Thereby, nothing could set you apart more than a giant dome of the mythical Hanuman — perfect for any Instagram updates — along with gorgeous bar bites courtesy of Vaso Spanish Tapas Bar.

A lot of cocktails are presented by Grey Goose Vodka, which pair perfectly with luxury ingredients. The “Goosebump” matches the vodka with the most refined taste of the sea: caviar. The “Grey Goose Oyster Soirée” combines the crisp, sharp taste of the vodka with a refreshing oyster served atop of the drink.

You can find more information at Akara Sky Hanuman.

The best new bars and cocktail menus in Bangkok this March 2024

With a throbbing hangover at the time of writing, we can confidently say we have alcohol on our minds. March is here, which means you can shift your attention from taking care of your significant other in February to taking care of yourself. And as having a good time is basically self-care, here are the new bars in Bangkok you should check out.

Image credit: GOD BKK

G.O.D BKK has us on our knees for their martini

Teens of Thailand, Asia Today, TAX, Independence, Untitled, and now G.O.D — the group’s last rodeo. An abbreviation for “Genius On Drugs,” the bar aims to be inventive, experimental, and raw. The establishment plays into that feeling as well, with the interior reminiscent of a desecrated church brought back to life still with the exposed brick walls and jarring beams. Our advice is to sit at the bar and wait patiently to be showered with G.O.D’s love.

The first cocktail menu is titled “Excessive is Necessary” with bar bites to pair with each drink. Their “Oyster Martini” is made with oyster juice, and served with actual Fine de Claire No.2 oyster and Coppa ham. The “Trinity: The Father, The Son & Larb Kwaii” is an experimental cocktail utilising larb-infused vodka, pig’s blood, and served alongside crispy buffalo skin and truffle mayo.

We’ll be back for a second coming.

You can find more info at G.O.D BKK.

Image credit: BRUT

BRUT introduces cocktails garnished with post-war history

The name BRUT derives from “brutalism,” an architecture style popular during the post-war period, characterised by the use of raw concrete, exposed materials, and the raw feeling upon sight.

Brutalism isn’t that much appreciated, though, as many see it as cold and rigid. Still, the rest appreciate that it’s raw and unpretentious; beautiful in its simplicity. That’s exactly what BRUT is doing — what you order is exactly what you get, and nothing less. The vibe is unpretentious, welcoming anyone onto the bar seat.

Must-tries include “1950s,” a very refreshing gin sonic infused with matcha and lemon, aloe vera, Campari, and a brush-stroke of squid ink to pair, as well as the “Concrete,” quite a unique sensation pairing gin with hazelnut liqueur, cherry brandy, sweet vermouth, and radish.

You can find more information at BRUT.

Image credit: Crimson Room

Crimson Room’s new signatures take you on a trip around the world, and back to good jazz

“The Times They Are A-Changin,” says Crimson Room’s signature menu, and yet, some things stay until today. Crimson Room unveils new a whole new signature menu inspired by global history, its tales, its traditions, its ingredients — the things that work and have stayed with us for as long as we can remember. After all, a Negroni has kept its recipe for over a hundred years, but it’s still one of the most popular classic cocktails today. Categorised into continents of the world, let the bar team at Crimson Room give you a glimpse into history through their balanced drinks incorporated with ingredients that represent times and places from each country.

Highlights include the “Polynesian Fizz,” a refreshing drink with Tanqueray gin, Yerba Mate, agave, lime, topped with ginger beer, and served in a Moai-shaped glass, the “Crimson Room No.5,” inspired by the famous Chanel perfume turned into a spirit-forward made from vodka, Champagne cordial, jasmine vermouth, bergamot, and orange blossom water, as well as the “Road to Mumbai,” a spin on the classic Gimlet with mangosteen cordial and masala.

You can find more information at Crimson Room.

Image credit: Playroom

Playroom’s new menu is sleek, classic, and inspired by their guests

When the people behind the bar care about their guests, you will feel it. In addition to their homey hospitality, Playroom’s new cocktails pay homage to their guests. It won’t be said in the menu or in any text. By first glance, customers returning will notice the change towards minimalism; martini and couple glasses with minimal garnishes. As you hear the stories behind the drinks from the bar team, you’ll notice that these drinks stem from what people order, what they enjoy, and what they come back to.

That, of course, also makes us want to come back again.

Take a stroll along “Boulevard St. Germain,” a gin-based drink with a strong punch of floral aroma, combined with white tea, umeshu, and elderflower. For an interactive adventure, “Lisa” will be staying in the back of your minds for days as a rum-based cocktail with vanilla and almond liqueur, apple, lemon, and topped with parmesan ice cream. Grab both and more, crafted for your pleasure.

You can find more information at Playroom.

Image credit: Siwilai Group

Siwilai Group unveils new drinks for all their venues, plus hearty food options for Radical Club

The Siwilai brand is partying extra hard recently, presenting a brand new City Club recently in Central Embassy, holding events and hosting performers, as well as opening a club in Thonglor. The Siwilai Radical Club does not want to be just a place for nightlife, but also an all-day dining destination open from morning till late. Craving good spaghetti after you dance? Their signature vodka rigatoni has you covered. Happen to be in Thonglor during the day and in need of a hearty brunch? Let their Greek frittata sweep you off your feet.

All their venues get new cocktails exclusive to each location. Highlights include “Stick No.1” at Siwilai City Club, a fruit-filled cocktail with vodka, blueberries, lychee, and lime; “Straight, No Chsaser” at Siwilai Sound Club, a Mezcal-based spirit-forward with blended vermouth, bourbon, and Campari; as well as the “Wasted” at Siwilai Radical Club, a strong, punchy drink with three kinds of spirits, spice mix a’la cola, and topped with seltzer.

You can find more information at Siwilai.

Image credit: Rogues Bar/Instagram

Rogues Bar is retelling world history, now available in drinks form

Located on the second floor of the Intercontinental Bangkok Sukhumvit, Rogues is an interesting little place to have a drink. It’s decorated with warm tones that scream opulence, but each seat has a zebra print pillow that feels fun and lively. It calls itself a speakeasy, but is extremely easy to find and brightly lit. The cocktail menu at first glance draws inspiration from the Old World, with a drink paying homage to The Great Gatsby, and another named after a Wong Kar-Wai film. But as you read on, you’ll find a cocktail inspired by Kill Bill, one telling a story of a pirate life at sea, and suddenly we’re back in Thailand for some mango sticky rice. It’s everything, everywhere, all at once.

If we were to choose, their “Rogue Negroni” is a Tanqueray and Vermouth Rosso combo, with the addition of Thai rice spirit and topped with vermouth foam.

You can find more information at Rogues Bar.

The best new bars and cocktail menus in Bangkok this February 2024

It was Thailand’s drag icon Amadiva that said, “drink more, so we’ll look better.” Since the month of love is now, these bars are just perfect to celebrate with your partner, to-be-partner, or hoping-they’ll-keep-being-your-partner. Hey, maybe some drinks will help, so consider this list of places a checklist.

Image credit: DryWave Cocktail Studio

Ride the wave of classics with Palm Supawit’s Dry Wave Cocktail Studio

Thailand industry icon Palm Supawit‘s newly-debuted bar in Thonglor has been making waves since it opened. At Dry Wave, his “Super Classics” combine two classics into one, showcasing the unique notes of each in a singular glass, like waves crashing harmoniously into another. If you have a classic in mind, you can trust the team will not disappoint.

The “Bitter Sweet & Mint” combines the sweet, aromatic Mint Julep with the bitter and punchy Hanky Panky. The “Dirty Red Dot” takes the distinct raspberry taste from the Clover Club and lets it meet the savoury notes of the Dirty Martini. All of those, and more to discover.

You can find more information at Dry Wave Cocktail Studio.

Image credit: W Bangkok

Stir it, shake it, move it, make it — the new W Lounge is all about vermouths and cabaret

Life is too short for a subpar Martini, and with only two ingredients in the drink, what you put into the mixing glass makes a difference. It’s not everyday we see vermouth taking the centre stage, and it’s the key that makes all the difference in a cocktail. The W Lounge has over 40 vermouths, so whether you like it dry, herbal, aromatic, or fruity, they have it covered. With a spicy theme of “modern cabaret,” they’re fully bringing the vibes of Paris into Bangkok.

Highlights include “The Jazz Sway,” a twist on the classic Rosita with Campari fat-washed with coconut, Mancino Rosso vermouth, Mancino Bianco vermouth, and a few dashes of grapefruit bitters, as well as the “Miraculous,” combining the fragrant Grifoll vermouth with apple wood smoke.

You can find more information at W Bangkok.

Image credit: noun.bar/Instagram

NOUN Bar arrives in Bang Phlat with refreshing drinks and a strong sense of comfort

It’s not every place where you can feel that it’s alright to let your hair down, and NOUN Bar’s hospitality and refreshing drinks will whisk away your worries like magic. Tucked away in ChangChui Creative Park, Bang Phlat — it’s definitely one of the more unlikely places to get a cocktail, but they’re certainly taking their craft seriously. Plus, spreading cocktail culture to different parts of the city is always a move we welcome.

Highlights to try include the “Love Potion,” a sweet, creamy drink perfect for the month of love made with vodka, caramel, honey, raspberry, and rose tea, as well as the “Power Potion,” mixing herbal and fruity notes of mixed berry, red wine, and absinthe.

You can find more information at NOUN Bar.

Image credit: untitledhouse_/Instagram

Untitled House is the embodiment of the phrase “good vibes only”

Untitled House is named that way because it tries to escape being labelled. It’s lively and fun, yet intimate and sophisticated. It’s like meeting friends at their home, and sometimes it’s like you’re bringing good friends into yours to show off your new place. It’s everything at once, and for that, it’s untitled. Another cocktail bar in Ladprao also makes the area one to watch.

From their signatures, highlights are the “Laughing Out Loud,” made from rhum agricole, yogurt, and a hint of elderflower, as well as the “Chasing Starlight,” pairing mezcal and tequila with Chinese black tea smoke. A sip makes you feel like dancing in a sci-fi elevator with Dua Lipa.

You can find more information at Untitled House.

Image credit: maria_barbkk/Instagram

Maria Bar is serving vibrant cocktails for jazz lovers of Phra Khanong

Located right next to Phra Khanong BTS station, Maria Bar is the perfect afterwork destination for people in the area. They pride themselves on a simple-but-done-well food menu of European classics with wines to pair, but their cocktails are also quite enjoyable and worth a visit.

The “French Awakening,” with a name that with invoke PTSD for any French royals in 1789, is a gin-based drink with pink guava, parsley, and sparkling wine, and the “Summer in Rome” is a refreshing, bitter concoction made from Campari, dry vermouth, Merlot, and topped with soda.

You can find more information at Maria Bar.

Image credit: Prestige Thailand

MUST Wine Bar pairs wine with great food and good fun

Wine doesn’t have to feel dressy, and MUST Wine Bar is showcasing just that. As you enter the establishment, you’ll get to walk through rows and rows of 300+ labels of wines before getting to the 35-seat diner. Benjawan “Ben” Wisootsat behind FIN Wines steps into the kitchen herself to make sure everything is perfect for the guests. Plus, it’s pet-friendly, so feel free to bring your furry friends along.

You can find more information at MUST Wine Bar.

The best new bars and cocktail menus in Bangkok this January 2024

It’s a new year, and a new you. But if this “new you” loves to drink as much as the old you, we know just the places you should check out. We also hope you enjoy classic twists because there’s a lot of great ones in town. Perhaps you’ll be able to reacquaint yourselves with the old ones you love, and discover new favourites. We certainly did.

Image credit: 4th Wall

4th Wall brings back forgotten classics through wall-breaking hospitality

From the Vesper team, Langsuan’s 4th Wall has no signature menu, but a daily rotation of classic cocktails. Apart from nailing your Old-Fashioneds and Pina Coladas, they really dug deep to introduce you to lesser-known and forgotten classics from the history of mixology. The Tuxedo No.2 is similar to a Martini, with maraschino liqueur and absinthe to rinse. The Japanese Slipper is a sweet-and-sour hit a clear hit of melon. The Cold War Easier is an aromatic vodka-based cocktail with hints of cherry and orange, then topped with Pinot Noir. All of those, and a whole lot more reasons to keep coming back.

You can find more information at 4th Wall.

Image credit: The Pickwicks Chronicles

The Pickwicks Chronicles is a Dickensian adventure with a lot of gin

Bangkok is long overdue for a literary themed bar. The Pickwicks Chronicles is inspired by The Pickwick Papers, the first fictional work by Charles Dickens telling the story of a group of men going on adventures to spread the wonders of science while having fun doing so. That concept, to our opinion, is perfect as a concept for a bar. Helmed by Gliga Gabriel formerly of Havana Social, the cocktail menu is created after the lively characters of The Pickwick Papers. It’s all about spreading the joy and technicalities of mixology, all while making sure the guests enjoy their time discovering everything the bar has to offer.

If you need help picking what to order, the “Samuel Pickwick,” named after the protagonist of the series, is crafted with gin infused with pink Szechuan peppercorn, falernum liqueur, apricot liqueur, and some citrus and sugar.

You can find more information at The Pickwick Chronicles.

Image credit: Find the Photobooth

Find the Photobooth is back with drinks, live tunes, and even more photobooths

If you haven’t found the photobooth, now’s your chance. The bar’s a culmination of talents from industry icons: Colin Chia from Nutmeg & Clove, Singapore, Hidetsugu Ueno of Bar High Five, Tokyo, Nick Wu from Bar Mood, Taipei, Neung Ronnaporn and Janz Chennarong from Mahaniyom Cocktail Bar. After moving to Banthat Thong road, they brought in a lot of live tunes perfect for winding down after a long day of work and energetic playlists with pop hits that will out anyone in the closet.

Their cocktail menu is themed after musical notes, with classic cocktails and their own variations. One of their must-tries is the “C Sharp,” a riff on the Clover Club made from Beefeater gin, Chivas 12YO,  raspberry liqueur, and peach bitters.

You can find more information at Find the Photobooth.

Image credit: Dark Waters

Tiki-themed rooftop bar Dark Waters opens with clear riverside view

When we discovered this little gem, we didn’t think there would be a cocktail bar in Khlongsan area. Located on the top floors of the newly-opened Ten Six Hundred hotel, Dark Waters feature a gorgeous view of the Chao Phraya river that you can enjoy while the riverside breeze is wafting through your hair. And as you adore the contemporary interior of onyx and reclaimed wood, their cocktail menu is filled with bright and bold tiki sensations — perfect for a night out with some company.

Enjoy some light bites from their kitchen and end your night on a high note with the “Mudslip,” a very vibrant dessert drink that packs a strong punch of coffee and topped with a scorched marshmallow.

You can find more information at Dark Waters.

Image credit: Ryan Germino

Aqua Bar’s new cocktail menu is a perfect night out in Bangkok

With Filipino sensation Ryan Germino manning the stations, the selections of Aqua sees new fun drinks, along with their own iterations of classic cocktails. It’s not everyday we can confidently say that a menu will sure excite both cocktail enthusiasts and those simply looking for a fun night out, but Aqua Bar’s new menu is simply filled to the brim with passionately-crafted concoctions, each with a balance that hits just right. Fair warning that each glass will prove quite difficult to put down once picked up.

Highlights you should not miss include their version of the Paloma, utilising both tequila and mezcal (Clase Azul reposado and Montelobos), pink grapefruit, Aperol, and the agave salt that ties everything together, as well as “The Hungry Caterpillar,” a classy spirit-forward made from Ginger 1800 Coconut tequila, Don Julio Blanco, clarified apple juice, green apple ginger shrub, and Angostura bitters.

You can find more information at Aqua Bar.

Image credit: Tropic City

Tropic City’s ‘Tropicology’ menu is a tropical island full of rum and creativity

We know that describing a tiki-themed establishment as a tropical island isn’t the most unique, but Tropic City’s just-debuted cocktail menu really casted us away into Blue Hawaii. No matter if you’re here for some good mixology, or the party vibes the place is known for, you’ll find yourself in a perfect getaway with a lot of rum, fruits, and everything that will help you with those 50 first dates and more. Two drinks in, our jaws were on the floor and we already forgot Sarah Marshall.

Highlights you must try include the “Ultimate Banana Lord,” made with Mount Gay Black Barrel rum, Tito’s vodka, banana, salted caramel, and browned butter, as well as “For a Cooler You,” a very tiki drink that uses Naked Malt whisky, an array of tropical fruits, roasted coconut, and just the right of their punch of salted maple syrup.

You can find more information at Tropic City.

The best new bars and cocktail menus in Bangkok right now

Vichayuth Chantan

Digital Writer, Drinks and Dining

Writer by day and skinny legend by night, Vichayuth focuses on the hospitality industry of Thailand. You'll often find him at a bar finding new friends, discovering new drinks, and silently judging you from across the room.

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