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Serving up style: How to master tenniscore like Zendaya on her ‘Challengers’ press tour

Whether it’s the chic pleat mini skirts or the quintessential polo shirts, here’s how to ace the tenniscore trend that everyone’s raving about. 

As the credits rolled on Zendaya’s latest cinematic serve, Challengers, many have found themselves in love with a fashion trend that’s volleying into vogue—tenniscore. With the hallowed grass courts of Wimbledon whispering, the cultural zeitgeist has swung its gaze toward this preppy-chic aesthetic with searches smacking nets with an all-time fervour. Now, while the trend’s rise is largely influenced by the ineffably cool Daya, one must confess—these ensembles are more than just a little bit smashing.

So, whether you’re gracing the baseline or simply strutting down the street, why not sprinkle in a dash of courtside charm? From the crispest of pleated skirts to the most comfortable cable-knit vests, let’s curate a wardrobe that whispers “game, set, match.” After all, in the grand tournament of style, shouldn’t we all aspire to hold court?

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How to master tenniscore like Zendaya from her Challengers press tour

Let’s kick off our list with a fabulous mini tennis skirt from the renowned athleisure brand, lululemon. Available in four colours, this versatile piece is not only expertly designed for the court with built-in shorts perfect for holding a tennis ball, but it also effortlessly transitions to a stylish option for a day out. With its chic design and impeccable functionality, this mini skirt is a must-have addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

[Image Credit: lululemon]

Choosing a cropped vest for sports is a fantastic choice for its breathability, freedom of movement, and comfort. But in a country like Thailand with scorching temperatures, this piece becomes an absolute game-changer. Not only does it elevate your style game, but it also keeps you cool in the sweltering heat. This gem of a garment excels at wicking moisture away from your skin, ensuring you stay dry even when the mercury climbs close to a blistering 50 degrees. 

[Image Credit: H&M]

This unisex hoodie is the epitome of modern, casual luxury, offering unparalleled comfort that transcends gender boundaries. Whether you’re treating yourself or considering a stylish matching option for you and your partner, this versatile piece is a wardrobe essential that effortlessly suits various occasions. Pair it with the tennis skirt and cropped tank or put it over your shoulders whilst wearing a cute mini. Perfect. 

[Image Credit: Sporty & Rich]

Picture a preppy polo collar, a hem that hits mid-thigh, and a relaxed fit that just screams effortless chic. That’s what this alo tennis dress is all about. Crafted from soft and smoothing Airbrush fabric, it features a quarter-button placket that gives you the power to choose how much skin to flaunt. Whether you’re out on a coffee run, hitting the court for some cross-court action, or simply lounging at home, this dress is your go-to for all occasions. 

[Image Credit: alo]

Exuding a blend of modern sophistication, preppy charm, timeless style, and universal appeal, this cotton sweater is an absolute essential. Whether you’re a trendsetter or a classic enthusiast, this piece caters to all generations with its enduring allure. Elevate this ensemble by pairing it with a flowy satin skirt or white trousers, and you’ll effortlessly channel the chic vibes of Zendaya’s iconic tenniscore press tour look. 

[Image Credit: Polo Ralph Lauren]

Every fashion-forward individual deserves a satin skirt in their collection, and this gem is not only affordable but also undeniably stylish. Transforming any mundane look into a preppy and chic masterpiece, this skirt is the ultimate game-changer. 

[Image Credit: Zara]

To add a touch of tennis chic to your everyday look, headbands are the way to go. Whether you’re serving up a fierce game on the court or simply enjoying a casual day out, this adorable headband helps embody the essence of the iconic tenniscore vibe with finesse.

[Image Credit: Pomelo]

Another cute accessory is a white bow, reminiscent of the bygone glamour of Chris Evert’s court-side chic in the 1970s. Paired effortlessly with a meticulously crafted braided ponytail down your back, this hairstyle captures the essence of the tenniscore aesthetic perfectly.

[Image Credit: Mango]

Whether you’re a sports gal or not, this visor is the perfect accessory, especially in Bangkok’s scorching heart. Not only does it add a touch of cuteness to your look but also provides essential protection for your face against this season’s harsh UV rays. 

[Image Credit: Nike]

When it comes to injecting a pop of colour into your wardrobe, this dark green dress from The Upside is an absolute must-have. Utterly charming and exuding the essence of tenniscore chic, this mini is not only cute but a fabulous statement piece. There’s also a zipper in the chest area so you can choose how much coverage you need.

[Image Credit: Revolve]

Everyone needs the quintessential white trousers in their wardrobe, and these beauties from Massimo Dutti are simply divine. Effortlessly blending tennis aesthetics with everyday elegance, these bottoms are the epitome of clean, chic style that transcends all occasions.

[Image Credit: Massimo Dutti]

No tenniscore ensemble is complete without the perfect matching tennis bracelet. This one from Swarovski is an absolute steal that adds a touch of glitz to your look without breaking the bank.

[Image Credit: Swarovski]

Serving up style: How to master tenniscore like Zendaya on her ‘Challengers’ press tour

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