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“There’s no such thing as losing. There’s only winning and learning.” – Ploy Bhinsaeng

Although polo has historically been associated with and favoured by royalty and affluent families, Ploy Bhinsaeng believes anyone can get into this “game of kings” if they desire. Since the age of 4, Ploy has been learning the art of horse riding. Her love for horses runs deep in her veins, passed down from her father, Kanoksakdi Bhinsaeng, the President of the Thailand Polo Association. When she turned 14, Ploy represented Thailand as a show jumper, appearing in various competitions in Aisa and Europe, winning a bronze medal in the Southeast Asian Games 2007.

Currently, this stylish athlete is preparing for the King Power International Ladies’ Polo Tournament 2024. As an active member of Thailand’s Polo Association committee, Ploy has taken it upon herself to organise this event since its first launch in 2018. The mission is to make Thailand the centre of regional polo matches. Therefore, they have initiated a women’s competition to unite the most remarkable female polo players worldwide to prove they are at the same level as men, if not better. With her unwavering confidence and hard work, Ploy also aims to become Asia’s number one-ranked female polo player, similar to her inspirator Sunny Hale, the world’s best women’s polo player. 

How to Succeed: Ploy Bhinsaeng, Thailand’s National Team Polo Player

Becoming a professional athlete requires a great deal of time, patience, and dedication. According to our polo star, Ploy, the key to success in this arena lies in consistency and deliberate practice. “I started riding horses when I was 4. I was super nervous the first time, but as an animal lover, everything just clicked. My relationship with my horses is so deep. There’s so much love. But it took a lot of time to build our bond. Also, in this sport, it’s not only the horses you have to work with as a team but the other polo players, too. Teamwork is very important.”

When asked about her daily routine as a professional polo player, Ploy said she starts by waking up early and going to the gym for a workout. After that, she has breakfast and proceeds to practice polo. Once done, she takes an ice bath, undergoes physiotherapy and stretches. This was her daily routine when she was in England.

“When it comes to practising with just my horse, we usually do stick and ball exercise, which involves hitting the ball in different poses. This helps us adapt to the ball, improving our accuracy before the matches. However, we usually play chukkers with the team, a game of six rounds for seven and a half minutes each. Playing with the team requires more speed, strategy, and communication among the members. For instance, I may tell them I’ll move closer to the opponent so the other member can attack.”

As Ploy is getting ready for the 2024 King Power International Ladies’ Polo Tournament in Thailand, her secret to success is maintaining her fitness. “I’m doing a lot of fitness and strength training right now. Being strong is critical for controlling and leading horses effectively. I’m also paying close attention to my diet.” Besides that, she further added how she advises anyone interested in pursuing the sport to practice diligently and stay determined. Ploy believes that with determination, anyone can become a successful polo athlete. “There’s no such thing as winning or losing because there’s no losing when you learn. You only win, or you learn.”

How to Succeed: Ploy Bhinsaeng, Thailand’s National Team Polo Player

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