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Met Gala 2024: The best memes and reactions from Twitter (X)

“Garden of Time” is such an easy theme, so we were really expecting the girls to turn it out (men will be in black suits anyway). Here are some of the best Met Gala 2024 memes and reactions from Twitter (X).

There’s no business like show business, and one of the events that perfectly showcases that saying is the Met Gala. We’re seeing a girl dressed with moving butterflies, corseted with wood, and costumed up in literal sand. The girls are definitely girling this time around, so reactions towards the Met Gala 2024 are full of love.

The red carpet of the Met Gala is something the world is looking forward to see. It’s the perfect chance for designers to go all out and feel the love from the community, all while utilising models and famous artists from all over the globe to walk down the runway in their creations. This year, it’s the “Garden of Time” — a wide theme easy to do, but not easy to wow.

The Met Gala is hosted by Metropolitan Museum of Art to raise funds for The Costume Institute that houses over 33,000 costumes and accessories panning over seven centuries. Business Insider reports that individual tickets cost $75,000, and entire tables cost $350,000. As such, it’s also common to see business moguls and billionaires walking down the same runway as the models.

Met Gala 2024: The best memes and reactions from Twitter (X)

We knew this looked familiar

Come through Miss Willy Wonka

We all know the one

Face card does not decline, henny

They still ate though, ngl

I’m heading out to the market with this now

Styled by Law Roach, because anybody else could never

We stan an unbothered queen

Fun fact: this Alexander McQueen dress is on display inside the Met

Some relatable content

Bonus from Reddit (yes, Lizzo attended):

him: you better not be a cunty sea creature when i get there. me asf:
byu/Horrorisepic inpopheadscirclejerk

Met Gala 2024: The best memes and reactions from Twitter (X)

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