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Marina Balenciaga on her evolution as an artist, actress, and entrepreneur

Get ready for an inspiring conversation with Marina Balenciaga, a remarkable woman who has successfully navigated both the entertainment and business worlds. 

Step into the world of Marina-Sadanun Balenciaga, where the lines between actress and artist blur into a mesmerising tapestry of talent and passion. In our exclusive May 2024 issue, we unravel the layers of this remarkable young woman who pours her heart and soul into every role she embodies.

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Join us on a journey through Marina’s evolution as an artist and entrepreneur, as she embraces the duality of her nature with grace and resilience. Discover her insights, her story, and her profound appreciation for the beauty and depth of life, captured in the pages of our digital issue.

Marina Balenciaga on her evolution as an artist, actress, and entrepreneur

Could you please give us a life update? 

Right now, I’m doing a lot of things. I’ve just released a new single called “Equation,” and I have other business ventures I’m working on. For example, I’m currently making a dietary supplement for Liver Detox along with my own skincare products. For my career as an artist, I want to give my audience a clearer picture of who I am, so there’s a lot of music promotion going on. However, for my acting career, I just finished filming. Some shows are also currently on air, so it’s more relaxed with that. I’m putting more time into music. 

Tell us about your song “Equation.”

This song I’m very confident about. Perhaps it’s because I wrote it myself and the vocals I used are the ones I’m most comfortable with, which makes it more authentic. Writing songs in Thai is not easy, given the language’s complex pronunciation. Usually, I start writing in English and then translate it into Thai. However, this is the first song I wrote in Thai first. I feel like it has a cute concept because I use the word “equation” a lot. I believe anything in life is an equation, and if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. That’s why I used this term to compare relationships.

I wrote this song quite quickly. I started with the music since I wanted a mid-range rhythm. Then I decided to create lyrics that people can relate to. That’s why it’s about relationships. The song is about two people who try hard to be together, yet they fail. It’s not anyone’s fault, but because they don’t fit together, like an equation, they simply don’t work.

Tell us about your dietary supplements.

When I went abroad, I saw that there are so many supplements that help with hangovers, whereas Thailand doesn’t have many. My boyfriend is a biochemist, so he knows certain formulas that help with liver detox. I personally tried them and it worked. It also helped with my hangover. You can even take it every day. Right now, my brand only has one product because I don’t want to produce something I won’t actually use. 

If you were to describe what you do to people, what would you say? 

A creative director or artist. For my dietary supplement brand, I take care of the branding, media design, and graphics, which I think is the responsibility of the creative director.

Within the past few years, has your mindset changed? 

I’ve grown a lot. Previously, I felt like I only had a few responsibilities. For instance, to just go to set, act, and leave. But now since I’m an artist as well as have my own business venture, I have to do everything. I have to know everything to make things move and flow. For instance, making music, I work on pre-production and production, which includes the music video shooting. I’m also my own stylist. 

Since I do everything, I’ve learnt to be more calm and that every detail is important. Everything I’ve learnt these past few years has made me appreciate being a star. I remember I’ve been the photographer of my own skincare products. I even organised the whole set like ordering food and drinks for the team, arriving first before everyone. Then when work is finished, I make sure to clean up. I realised I’m really lucky, to be able to come here, work, and go home. 

Are there any misconceptions about you?

I’d like to think I’m quite diverse, but it’s up to anyone really what they think about me. A lot of people think I’m still, but I’m just reserved or maybe it’s because of my neutral face, which makes me look upset. 

Since this month’s concept is “Balance of Being,” finding the common ground in differences, in what aspects of your life do you think you are masculine and another feminine?

I’m honestly a mix of both, but if feminine probably when I’m taking care of my niece, nephews, and dog. But I think being feminine also contains masculine traits. For instance, I have to take care, protect, and be a leader. You can’t just separate these two characteristics that easily. 

Lastly, tell us about you in 10 years. 

In the next 10 years, hmmm…I’m not sure. I like to live in the present. But if it’s in 5 years, probably music. I want to produce an album that describes my identity as an artist more clearly. As for acting, if it’s a challenging role, I’ll probably accept it. However, what I can say for sure is that I’m going to be focusing more on my music career.  

In terms of relationships, I am not currently thinking about getting married, but I do desire to have a long-term partner. I think it’s important to have someone with whom we can share our time and experiences, and who we can go anywhere with.

Marina Balenciaga on her evolution as an artist, actress, and entrepreneur

Drinking is best during the day, especially when at brunch. If she's not working, catch her at the gym or socializing with friends. An introvert extrovert at heart. She's a Capricorn.

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