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The complete guide to moisturizers and finding the best one for your skin

Abundant nourishment and hydration are the keys to healthy, soft, and supple skin. While cleansing, exfoliating and using a sunscreen are also crucial for the health of the skin, the essence and importance of a moisturizer is simply irreplaceable.

The benefits of a moisturizer are multifold and goes beyond the maintenance of the skin’s hydration levels. For instance, when formulated with ceramides, a moisturizer does the job of repairing the skin’s compromised barrier. When infused with broad spectrum SPF, it also doubles up as a sunscreen. And when mixed with a slight tint, it becomes a tinted moisturizer that reduces your summer makeup layers allowing your skin to breathe. Additionally, a moisturizer is also often created with ingredients that combat specific skin concerns like sensitivity, acne, hyperpigmentation and signs of ageing.

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How to choose the best moisturizer

As essential as using a moisturizer twice daily is, choosing the one that’s meant for your skin type and its concerns is equally necessary. For that matter, any skincare product that’s not meant for your skin can have adverse and negative effects on it and worsen its condition. Hence, here are a few things to consider before you set out on your search for that perfect moisturizer.

  • Ingredients

Always choose a moisturizer that’s formulated with ingredients that cater to your skin type. For instance, if you have dry skin, look for hydrating components like hyaluronic acid, shea butter, oils like coconut, almond or jojoba, vitamin E and barrier-repairing ceramides. For oily skin, moisturizers with ingredients like green tea, tea tree, niacinamide and salicylic acid work the best whereas, soothing ingredients like aloe vera, ceramides and shea butter are perfect.

  • Formula

Apart from the ingredients, what also matters and you should be careful about is the formula and consistency of the moisturizer. If you have oily and acne-prone skin, non-comedogenic moisturizers that have a lightweight, water or gel-based formula should be your go-to. Similarly, if you have dry skin, rich and creamy-textured, milk-based concoctions work the best whereas, normal or combination skin will benefit with a consistency that’s neither too watery nor too heavy.

  • What to avoid

No matter what your skin type is, make sure that your moisturizer is formulated without any alcohol, artificial dyes and fragrances or harsh chemicals and toxins. It is also recommended to opt for dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic skincare products.

A fail-safe guide to finding the best moisturizer for your skin care routine

The best moisturizers to buy according to your skin type

Woman holding a moisturizer
Image Credit: Content Pixie/Unsplash

Check out some of the best moisturizers that are ideal for your skin type, will enhance your skin’s radiance and give you that dewy look.

The best natural moisturizer for face for soft and dewy skin

natural moisturizer for face
Image Credit: Sora Shimazaki/Pexels

Know which is the best natural moisturizer for face for soft and hydrated skin. Check out some of our favourite picks.

Best moisturizers with SPF for hydration and sun protection in a single step 

Moisturizer with spf jar in hands
Image Credit: Karolina Grabowski/Pexels

A moisturizer with SPF is a hybrid skincare product that combines two of the most important needs of our skin — hydration and sun protection.

The best gel moisturizers to choose from if you want a non-oily finish on your skin

gel moisturizer
Image Credit: Courtesy Polina Tankilevitch/Pexels

A gel moisturizer is your go-to choice for a dewy, non-oily look. Choose the best ones to pamper your skin while looking your best.

The best tinted moisturizers for a healthy and flawlessly radiant skin

Tinted moisturizer tube in hand
Image Credit: Rodnae Productions/Pexels

Formulated to fit the best of both worlds, skincare and makeup, a tinted moisturizer is also a great solution to everyday makeup woes.

Achieve a glow-from-within look with these illuminating moisturizers

Image Credit: Shutterstock

An illuminating moisturizer offers you a lit-from-within look and natural dewiness. Here is a list of the best illuminating moisturizers.

Say goodbye to your skin woes with the best moisturizers for combination skin

best moisturizers for combination skin
Image Credit: Alina Blumberg/Pexels

Choose the best moisturizers for combination skin from our list for and wake up with radiant and healthy skin every day.

Top 10 moisturizers for oily skin that won’t leave you with that greasy feeling

moisturizer for oily skin
Image Credit: Antoni Shkraba/Pexels

Wondering how to choose a good moisturizer for oily skin? Take a look at our top picks for a nourished and hydrated skin.

Keep your skin hydrated and nourished with the best moisturizers for dry skin

Woman holding moisturizer
Image Credit: Shvets Production/Pexels

A great moisturizer for dry skin usually has a milk or cream-based texture that’s highly nourishing and hydrating.

Daily beauty routine needs: Best moisturizers for acne-prone skin

Woman using moisturizer for acne-prone skin
Image Credit: Polina Tankilevitch/Pexels

It is essential to use a moisturizer for acne-prone skin twice every day (during both morning and night skin care routines) post cleansing.

The most hydrating hyaluronic acid moisturizers you must try

hyaluronic acid moisturizer
Image: Courtesy Mikhail Nilov/Pexels

A hyaluronic acid moisturizer comes with the unique capacity of retaining water. Check out the best ones to take your pick.

10 best K-beauty moisturizers to achieve the skin of your dreams

K-beauty moisturisers
Image Credit: Unsplash

The beauty industry can’t get enough of Korean skincare! We’ve compiled a list of the best K-Beauty moisturizers that you’re going to love.

Why is it expensive: Crème de la Mer, the world’s holy grail moisturizer

Image Credit: La Mer

What makes the iconic Crème de la Mer so expensive? We took a look at the cream’s origins & it’s unique miracle broth technology to know more.

Moisturizers vs face oils: What does your skin really need?

Image Credit: Benefit Cosmetics

What should you pick – moisturizers or oils? It’s a long debate and we decided to give you an insight into the two skincare favourites.

The complete guide to moisturizers and finding the best one for your skin

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