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Fern-Issaree on her clear sense of self and future career beyond the modelling world

Step into the realm where individuality reigns supreme and self-assurance is the key to longevity in the dynamic world of modelling. In a sea of faces, standing out is not just a choice but a necessity to thrive. Meet the trailblazing 31-year-old Fern-Issaree Kanokwongpisit, a model who epitomises the art of carving out her unique niche while staying true to herself.

With 12 years of experience under her belt, Fern continues to captivate with her unparalleled sense of self and avant-garde fashion perspective, solidifying her status as the industry’s newest luminary. Join us as we delve into the world of this rising star, as she graces the cover of Lifestyle Asia Thailand’s May issue, sharing her journey and insights. 

To symbolise Fern’s multifaceted personas, we’ve also featured OMEGA’s exquisite women’s watches from the SEAMASTER, DE VILLE, and CONSTELLATION collections. As Fern embodies the essence of these timepieces, she also unravels the layers of her identity while sharing her unique perspective on style and life.

Fern-Issaree on her clear sense of self and future career beyond the modelling world

Could you please give us a life update? 

I’m still modelling as usual. I’ve been doing this for 11-12 years now, but I want to start more businesses. Right now I have a clothing brand because I know it’s sustainable since I’m probably not going to grow as much in the modelling industry anymore. 

Tell us about your clothing brand. 

My brand is called Not for Everyone, a name that reflects my unique style and approach to fashion. I have been working on my company for the past three years, drawing on my background in fashion design and modelling to create pieces that resonates with who I am. 

Designing clothes and finding fabrics come naturally to me, but I have also come to realise that marketing and selling them is a challenge. I have limited experience in these areas, and I know that I need to develop my skills to succeed. I am currently doing everything myself, which can be tough since I am also working in the modelling industry. I am aware that I need to build a reliable support network around me to help me scale my business.

While I cannot predict how long it will take for me to become a full-fledged businesswoman, I am determined to pay attention and immerse myself in this role. I love to take photos and dress up, and my passion for clothes is reflected in almost everything I design. My brand is a reflection of me, and I have put in a lot of effort to ensure that it has a strong identity. I am mindful that it is not just about producing what I like, but also creating what the world would like. It can be frustrating, but I am committed to finding ways to make my fashion line more appealing and relevant to my target audience.

If you were to describe what you do to people, what would you say? 

I’m not sure what to call myself, even though many consider me an influencer. My overall vibe isn’t to sell things to people but rather to combine my aesthetic with my lifestyle. I do promote products, but I try to do it in a way that’s not pushy. If you ask me what profession has a shelf life, it all depends on what you enjoy or want to do. For example, if you want to be an influencer, go for it and be clear about your intentions. Review products, do the job to the best of your ability, and be authentic.

Are there any misconceptions about you? 

Some people think I’m arrogant because I look moody. My face doesn’t look too friendly. But in reality, I started working when I was a kid, so I’m quite careful with whom I choose to associate with. Not everyone has your best interest. 

Since this month’s concept is “Balance of Being,” finding the common ground in differences, in what aspects of your life do you think you are masculine and another feminine?

I consider myself a rather masculine person. This is mainly because I grew up very close to my father and don’t exhibit many stereotypical feminine traits. Being the oldest sister with two younger brothers, we’ve always shared clothes, hung out, and played football together. I also tend to have more male friends with whom I can talk and relax. If I had to identify a feminine trait, it would be taking care of myself, such as having a perfect skincare routine, applying makeup, and dressing up. I enjoy wearing clothing that is revealing (laughs). However, when it comes to my personality, I often feel a bit disappointed.

If you were to style this OMEGA watch, but in both a feminine and masculine look, how would you pair this outfit? 

My style is quite mixed. I’d say wearing baggy jeans and using a bra as a shirt. Then I’ll throw on a cover-up. Alternatively, I sometimes go for a completely masculine look and add a touch of light makeup to create a bit of contrast. Overall, I like to dress in a way that combines both feminine and masculine elements, as I find it more interesting that way.

Lastly, what can we expect from you in the future? 

Maybe opening a tea business? Like I’ll have my tea shop, where I also sell my clothes here too. As for family, I’m a person who has images of marriage and children. But the thing is, I just have to be rich first (laughs).

Fern-Issaree on her clear sense of self and future career beyond the modelling world

Drinking is best during the day, especially when at brunch. If she's not working, catch her at the gym or socializing with friends. An introvert extrovert at heart. She's a Capricorn.

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