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Find out which popular K-pop idols share their zodiac sign with you

Do you share a zodiac sign with a K-pop star? Find out in the story below.

The K-pop craze has engulfed the entire globe, with everyone swooning over the addictive tracks and gorgeous idols who have redefined music in recent times. While you adore many artists, there may only be a few K-pop personalities you most relate to! You attune with them on a deeper level beyond their music, and there also might be a few unifying traits that build this familiarity and connection. It’s always fascinating to find out if you and your favourite K-pop idol share the same zodiac sign, embodying similar characteristics that make you a perfect match.

People belonging to the same zodiac sign attract each other as they share similar energy levels, interests and a lot more. They simply vibe when together! Whether it’s the practical and hard-working Virgo-born Jungkook or the impenetrable and invincible Jennie of BLACKPINK, who is a Capricorn, each K-pop star is a reflection of their zodiac sign.

Intrigued to know which K-pop idols share their zodiac sign with you? We’ve curated a detailed list offering you just that. Keep reading!

Which zodiac signs do your favourite K-pop idols belong to?

Aries: March 21 to April 19

Aries are fiery and passionate in their endeavours, people who never stop pursuing their goals and become true trailblazers. Punctual, well-planned and easygoing, their magnetic energy is hard to resist. These motivated and confident leaders often build a strong community with their cheerful disposition and determination.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Eunwoo from Astro, GOT7’s Jackson Wang, Twice’s Mina, as well as EXO’s Xiumin and Sehun, are some of the most popular Aries-born K-pop idols. With their immense talent, pathbreaking careers and fearlessness when it comes to challenges, these stars rightly justify the fiery Aries.

K-pop idols and their zodiac signs
Image credit: lalalalisa_m/ jacksonwang852g7/ Instagram

Taurus: April 20 to May 20

Deeply invested in matters of love, life, money and work, Taurus born are extremely loyal and soothing to be around. If you want a task done timely, ask a Taurus to deliver the best results with their patience and resilience. The sun sign loves luxury, comfort and pleasure above all and everything from their material world screams opulence.

Boy band ENHYPEN’s Jay, TREASURE’s Hyunsuk, Twice’s Chaeyoung, Baekhyun from EXO and Jeno from NCT are all Taureans. You’ll find these stars to be the most soothing and chilled out of the lot, as well as extremely happy in their own skin.

Image credit: WORLDMUSICAWARD/ Twitter/ leejen_o_423/ Instagram

Gemini: May 21 to June 21

There’s never a dull moment with Geminis around! The social butterflies of the zodiac cycle, Geminis can engage in a conversation about anything, impressing many with their quick wit. People belonging to this sign are always in to explore new avenues and prove to be great lovers as well. However, their extremely enthusiastic persona makes them impulsive. They can also come across as unreliable at times owing to their large social circle.

Im Yoon-ah from Girls’ Generation, Twice’s Tzuyu and Kim Dahyun, EXO’s Suho, ITZY’s Hwang Yeji, as well as Lee Chaeryeong, are all Gemini-born folks. The perfect blend of beauty with brains, these stars display amazing talent and charm thousands of fans with their extroverted personality.

K-pop idols and their zodiac signs
Image credit: thinkaboutzu/ kimjuncotton/ Instagram

Cancer: June 22 to July 22

Sensitive, compassionate, and loving with a dash of goofiness and humour is what best describes Cancerians. They have a tendency to be highly emotional and devoted to their close entourage, always offering a shoulder to cry during someone’s worst times. While Cancer born folks are naturally introverted, they also don’t mind letting people into their space and offering a friendly warmth.

ENHYPEN’s Kim Sunoo, Seo Juhyun of Girls’ Generation, NCT’s Lee Taeyong, Choi San of Ateez, as well as Kim Heechul of Super Junior, fall under this zodiac sign. It’s safe to say that they best represent the multi-talented and friendly persona of Cancerians.

K-pop idols and their zodiac signs
Image credit: taeoxo_nct/ seojuhyun_s/ Instagram

Leo: July 23 to August 22 

Leos, just like their lion emblem, exude leadership, authority, and big-heartedness. The spotlight-loving fire sign loves being the centre of attention and is fiercely protective of their close ones. They love to bask in luxuries, entertain and inspire others and chase their dreams relentlessly until they transform into reality.

From Mamamoo’s Hwasa, Momoland’s Kim Nayun, NCT’s Mark Lee to Seventeen’s S.Coups and The Boyz’s Kim Younghoon, all are Leo. Their ultra-luxurious lifestyle, charming public persona and bold personality are some of the traits that many Leos would relate to.

K-pop idols and their zodiac signs
Image credit: _mariahwasa/ onyourm__ark/ Instagram

Virgo: August 23 to September 22

Have you noticed how ducks look extremely nonchalant while paddling and working very hard inside the water? This is exactly how Virgos function – they work extremely hard, yet manage to make everything look effortless. They usually have an exquisite and highly tuned style, displaying high standards in everything they do. Virogs are also hailed as perfectionists owing to their meticulous, logical and pragmatic nature.

Two of our favourite BTS members, Jungkook and RM are true Virgos, which is visible in their professional endeavours. Virgos have a great sense of speech as well as writing, which is reflected in RM’s amazing rap songs. Meanwhile, Jungkook perfectly embodies the hard-working nature of this sign. Jungkook left his Busan home to settle in Seoul to pursue his dream of becoming an idol trainee, while also acing his dancing skills before debuting with BTS. The boys are definitely a beacon of inspiration!

Other K-pop stars falling in the zodiac include Red Velvet member Joy, PURPLE KISS’ Na Goeun, and EXID’s Seo Hyelin.

K-pop idols and their zodiac signs
Image credit: BTS_official/ Twitter/ rkive/ Instagram

Libra: September 23 to October 22 

Just like the scales that symbolise the sign, Libra-born people strive to maintain equilibrium, justice and balance in life. They perfectly mould themselves to people’s liking, which helps them mingle and socialise with all sorts of groups. They’re great procrastinators, who often get entrapped in the cycle of overthinking, over-analysing and pondering over the minuscule inconveniences. Since they want to protect their peace at any cost and run away from chaos, diplomacy comes easy to them.

BTS’ heartthrob Jimin is a Libra, and his philanthropy work establishing justice and balance rightly proves so. Other stars sharing the sign include SHINee’s Key, Momoland’s Lee Ah In, Stray Kids’ Bang Chan and more.

K-pop idols and their zodiac signs
Image credit: bumkeyk/ j.m/ instagram

Scorpio: October 23 to November 22

Often mistaken as a fire sign, Scorpions are strong as well as enigmatic souls who often intimidate others with their intensity and charisma. Their powerful persona is not only reflected in their successful professional ventures, but also in their stupefying presence when they walk into a room. Scorpios are firm in their values, hardly looking for anyone’s approval or validation. You surely don’t want to mess with a Scorpio!

Stray Kids’ Lee Know, Aespa’s NingNing and Giselle, NCT’s Yuta Nakamoto and Twice’s Jeongyeon are loved by many for their unapologetic nature and bold presence, while their musical successes know no bounds.

K-pop idols and their zodiac signs
Image credit: jy_piece/ yuu_taa_1026/ Instagram

Sagittarius: November 23 to December 22

People belonging to this zodiac sign are fearless, never shying away from exploring unknown terrains and their quest for knowledge knows no end. The sign is unabashedly itself, having zero filters while expressing themselves or giving advice, so it’s better to not take their words to heart. Sagittarius hate regulations, constraints and schedules, always wanting to feel free. This sign is a true adventurer and globetrotter.

BTS’ Jin is the most popular K-pop star belonging to this sign, who’s always leading life on his own terms. This is probably why he ventured into acting before debuting with BTS, while also becoming a restauranteur by opening a Japanese-style outlet in South Korea.

EXO’s Park Chanyeol, Girls’ Generation’s Kwon Yuri, as well as TXT’s Choi Soobin, are some other Saggitarius-born artists.

K-pop idols and their zodiac signs
Image credit: jin/ real__pcy/ Instagram

Capricorn: December 23 to January 20

What makes Capricorn folks unique is their untamed and rebellious spirit. The sign is often labelled a ‘mischievous troublemaker’ who loves to socialise, is always youthful and optimistic and perfectly skilled at managing both emotional and material realms. They’re ambitious and driven to deliver their best, always looking for success in their quests. They are low-key obsessed with status, and people often envy their lifestyle.

Some of the most popular K-pop Capricorn idols BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Jisoo as well as BTS’ V. All three of them exude Boss vibes, standing at the pinnacle of the global music scene. They’re masters of their trade and truly indispensable when it comes to K-pop. Lastly, they also embody strong work ethics and discipline, which is truly reflective of a Capricorn.

K-pop idols and their zodiac signs
Image credit: thv/ jennierubyjane/ Instagram

Aquarius: January 21 to February 18

Aquarius is the most innovative and progressive sign in the zodiac cycle. They like to push boundaries and undertake the quest to change society. They like to stay true to their values and priorities and will never comprise their ethics for anyone. They’re rooted in the concept of the ‘greater good’, but they get so caught up with their magnanimous plans that they neglect their family and friends. Therefore, they can seem distant in relationships and romantic endeavours aren’t their strong suit.

Rose from BLACKPINK and J-hope from BTS echo Aquarius’ traits of being trailblazers in their field, always striving to climb the ladder of success. Their merits are a testament that people of this zodiac sign often excel at whatever they undertake.

Other K-pop artists falling in the category include (G)I-dle’s Cho MiYeon, Twice‘s Park Jihyo as well as TXT’s Kang Taehyun.

K-pop idols and their zodiac signs
Image credit: roses_are_rosie/ uarmyhope/ Instagram

Pisces: February 19 to March 20

Always juggling between fantasy and reality, Pisces reflects the duality of human nature and its never-ending inner turmoil. They tend to be high on emotions, being the most compassionate and empathetic beings in the astrological circle. Having the gift of boundless imagination boosts the sign’s creative streak and they turn out to be incredible artists.

BTS’ Suga is hands down one of the most selfless artists, always stepping out for people as well as organisations in need. His incredible philanthropy work justifies his Piscean nature. Other stars like Red Velvet’s Wendy and Yeri, Apink’s Park Chorong, as well as TXT’s Choi Beomgyu, fall under this sign.

K-pop idols and their zodiac signs
Image credit: agustd/ todayis_wendy/ Instagram

(Hero image credit: uarmyhope/ j.m/ lalalalisa_m/ Instagram)

(Feature image credit: bts.bighitofficial/ Instagram)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What are the zodiac signs of BLACKPINK members?

Answer: While Jennie and Jisoo are Capricorn, BLACKPINK's Lisa is an Aries and Rose is an Aquarius.

Question: What are the zodiac signs of TXT members?

Answer: TXT's Soobin and Yeonjun belong to Sagittarius and Virgo respectively. Meanwhile, Beomgyu is Pisces and Taehyun is Aquarius. Lastly, Hueningkai is a Leo.

Find out which popular K-pop idols share their zodiac sign with you

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